The Price of Desire by P.J. Fox

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The Price of Desire, Book One of The House of Light and Shadow, by P.J. Fox, is available now at and other major online retailers!  Click the image to the left to buy it now.

The Price of Desire is military science fiction at its finest.  It’s a story of two people–a psychologically damaged Imperial naval commander and the woman he rescues from slavers while en route to an assignment meant to end his career–finding a common fate against a backdrop of galactic imperialism, war, and revolt.

The planet Tarsonis, to which Kisten Mara Sant was dispatched following an ill-advised assault on his uncle, the Imperial Chancellor, on the Senate floor, is a mining world chafing at the bit of imperial rule.  As a Prince of the Blood and the scion of a powerful family, Kisten’s sentence was commuted to exile: exile on a distant, troubled world teetering on the brink of rebellion.  A world whose previous governors have met grisly fates.  Kisten arrives knowing this is just another kind of death sentence, but determines nonetheless that he will do his duty.  The only bright spot in the dismal future he sees for himself is Aria Hahn, the woman he saved, the woman who is the focus of an obsession even Kisten doesn’t understand–the woman who can’t stand the sight of him.

The Price of Desire will appeal to fans of science fiction and fans of adventure and intrigue alike.  It has been described as The Far Pavilions meets Starship Troopers, an engaging combination of M.M. Kaye’s romantic adventure and Heinlein’s hard-boiled militarism.  Its characters are real, damaged, people, struggling to make their way in an increasingly uncertain universe.

The first volume in the ongoing series The House of Light and Shadow, The Price of Desire can be found at,, in Apple’s iBookstore, and at other major retailers.