Marketing your book is the hard part, believe it or not. In comparison, writing is easy. Here are some great tips to get you started.

P.J. Fox Writes

Or, indeed, your traditionally published book.  Because the world of publishing is changing.  Many of us, as writers, have an image of the writing life largely informed by rather fanciful descriptions of said–usually given by the writers themselves and that reflect, if any reality at all, then an aspirational one.  Lord Byron famously described his poetry as flowing off the page, an act that barely required any conscious thought.  And yet a look at his notes reveals that he, in fact, labored over every line.  That each poem was a grueling, often disheartening labor.  And to hear John Updike tell it, writing was merely something he did to pass the time between bouts of inappropriate activity with other men’s wives.  So I suppose it’s not inexplicable that, today, many writers dream of the same: creating, effortlessly or not so effortlessly, and then leaving others to do the hard work of…

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