Wondering how to write a blurb for your new book? Here you go. Happy Independence Day.

P.J. Fox Writes

You’ve written an incredible book.  You’ve even gotten a few reviews.  Excellent reviews.  And yet your Amazon sales rank is hovering somewhere between “my worst nightmares” and “too embarrassing to show my grandparents.”  What gives?  Blogs, articles, and books the world over all give the same advice: write a good book.  First and foremost, write a good book.  Keep writing; build up your backlist.  If you’ve produced a quality product, then your readers will find you.  Cream rises.

Which, if your readers haven’t found you, can be pretty discouraging.  Does “if my sales rank were the figure in my bank account, then I could retire” mean that you should throw in the towel?  That your book is no good after all?

Not necessarily.  Of course, your book could be awful but I’m assuming for the sake of argument that it’s not.  In which case your problem might be that you’ve given…

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