Generally speaking, you shouldn’t pay someone to do something you’re capable of doing yourself, unless you’re getting something out of it, such as more time to work on important things that only you can do, like write.

Here’s a great list of red flags to look for in dealing with anyone offering “publishing” on the web or elsewhere.

P.J. Fox Writes

In part due to the lingering stigma surrounding self publishing, so-called “indie” and “niche” publishers are appealing to many authors.  They seem to represent the best of both worlds: an accessibility not found with the Top Five, but the legitimacy of having someone else’s name on your spine.  You’re not just Joe Q. Public, entering the market all on your own; you have a team behind you.

At least…that’s the theory.

In practice, may so-called “publishers” are little better than scam artists, charging you an arm and a leg for things you could’ve done on your own for free.  As an artist, you have to be your own advocate; and that starts by getting informed.  This is a topic I could, and probably in the future will, go on about at length.  But for right now, here are some things to watch out for.  Each and every single entrance on this…

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