At Evil Toad Press, we offer what we call “a la carte self-publishing services.”  What do we mean by that, you ask?  It’s simple.  We offer a variety of services related to self-publishing that our clients can pick and choose from to create a package that fits their exact needs.

Thanks to the self-publishing revolution, anyone with access to a computer can easily publish a book themselves.  Services like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace allow you to create your own ebook or paperback and list them for sale on for free.  Amazon only takes a cut if and when you sell a book.  But the fact that you can do something yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that you should, and the fact of the matter is that even the relatively simple process that is publishing through Amazon can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with things like formatting, distribution options, graphic design, and marketing.

Which is exactly where we come in.  We work with you to assess what your self-publishing goals are, what you can do on your own, and what you want assistance with, and then draw up a quote that reflects exactly the services you need, and nothing more.  “A la carte” means exactly what you think it does: you decide what you want, and we give it to you, in whatever combination you desire.

For example, one of our clients–let’s call him Joe–came to us with a fantasy novel he had just finished.  He was happy with the story and wasn’t interested in any substantive editing from us.  What he really needed was cover artwork and interior formatting to make his book look professional.  He also wanted copy-editing done, as he had done the initial copy-edits himself and wanted an objective set of eyes to spot any remaining errors.  We quickly drew up an estimate for him and within a few hours had a network of both our in-house staff and our business partners working on cover design, copy-editing, and designing the interior of the book itself to look like something you’d flip through at Barnes & Noble.  Joe was ecstatic with the results.

Then there was Mandy, who had just finished her first science fiction romance novel and needed solid, professional feedback on the content of the book itself.  Mandy was passionate about writing, but needed a more experienced editorial eye to help her identify the strengths and weaknesses of this particular manuscript.  Our editorial staff worked with Mandy to offer both specific, page by page analysis of her writing as well as general feedback and advice on the most vital components of any story: character, plot, theme, style, tone, and voice.  The questions Mandy came to us with–what do I keep, and what do I cut?  Do this character’s motivations ring true?–got answered, and the result was a stronger, leaner manuscript tailored to compete in a crowded marketplace.

Jo had a more general problem: she was finishing up her first book but didn’t have the first clue about how to get started with self-publishing.  The resources she found online seemed dense, contradictory, and overwhelming.  Prior to sitting down to write her novel, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to self-publish, and when she looked into it, the options seemed staggering.  Did she just want an ebook, a print on demand book, or both?  Did she want to publish exclusively through Amazon, or reach a diversity of markets and stores?  Did she need to hire someone to help her format her book, or was it something she could pick up on her own?  Once she published the book, how did she get it to actually sell?  Jo was the perfect customer for our Publishing Consultation package.  For a reasonable fee, we gave Jo an overview of her self-publishing options in simple, clear language and answered all of the questions she had.  We sussed out what her personal goal was–was she just looking to get this one book out there, or was she trying to start a career in writing?  With our publishing consultation, the client gets a one on one conversation and helpful links and materials to guide them in the direction that’s right for them.  Our editors work around your needs and abilities; we’re available to communicate in the digital medium of your choice.  We’re happy to call you up on the telephone and have a good old fashioned conversation with you; we’re also thrilled to meet you on Skype.  Jo preferred email, so we emailed back and forth until all of her concerns had been addressed.

These three examples barely scratch the surface of the combinations of services you can purchase from Evil Toad Press.  The theme here, as you can see, is that we try our best to give you exactly what you want: nothing more, nothing less.  We’re happy to work with you to carve out a customized bundle of services that meets your needs.  Here’s a list of services we offer to get you started:

  • Substantive/content editing
  • Copy-editing
  • Self-publishing consultation
  • Cover design
  • Interior book design/formatting for ebook and print
  • Introductory walkthrough and orientation for publishing on Amazon and other services
  • ISBN walkthrough/acquisition/completion
  • Marketing plan consultation and set up
  • Ad design

For more information on our marketing-related services, see our Publicity Services page.

This list isn’t comprehensive; our staff is happy to tailor custom services to meet your needs.  Many of the tasks and processes involved in publishing your book yourself can be time-consuming and confusing.  Evil Toad Press is happy to offer what we like to call “white glove service”–sure, you’re perfectly capable of uploading your own book file to Amazon and preparing the product page for sale, but maybe you’d rather pay someone else to do it.

As always, contact us if you have any questions about our services or policies.