Wondering what to expect in the way of start-up costs as an indie-published writer? Look no further. Writing a book for publication is indeed starting a business, and as with any other business, it requires an initial investment.

P.J. Fox Writes

Deciding to publish–whether traditionally or on your own, either completely on your own or with the help of an indie portal like Evil Toad Press–is essentially deciding to go into business for yourself.  And I believe, personally, that the reason a lot of writers fail is that they don’t realize this.  Or choose to ignore the business-side realities of life as a writer.  Which is fine–if you want writing to remain a hobby.  Which, again, is fine.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing writing as a hobby.  I have a lot of hobbies, including woodworking.  There are a lot of reasons that, although I’m quite passionate about woodworking, I elected not to start my own furniture-making business.  It was a love I had, that when I was really honest with myself about why I was building furniture and what I wanted to get out of the experience of building furniture, I…

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