I Look Like This Because I'm a WriterOut now from Evil Toad Press, I Look Like This Because I’m a Writer: How to Overcome Sloth, Self-doubt, and Poor Hygiene to Realize the Writing Career of Your Dreams is a new writing guide by our very own P.J. Fox.  Buy it now for $2.99 on Amazon.com!

This isn’t your grandmother’s handbook.  Half guide to the intricacies of the craft and half practical, no nonsense self help, I Look Like This Because I’m A Writer is the next best thing to your own personal writing coach.  A coach who’ll explain what you’re doing wrong and how to do it right but, more importantly, who’ll inspire you to produce your best work.  A coach who’ll help kick your butt into gear when you don’t feel like writing, and who’ll bolster you up when you’re feeling down; who’ll help you develop the self confidence you need, as a writer, to weather the inevitable storms of rejection—including those self-generated—that a career in this field inevitably brings. 

I Look Like This Because I’m A Writer covers everything from crafting believable dialogue to crafting believable characters themselves; from writing descriptions that aren’t boring to opening your story in a way that consistently draws the reader in.  It also gives you the tools you need to develop your own unique voice as a writer, and thus tell the most original stories possible.

Warm-hearted and funny, if you’re embarking on the adventure that is writing, then this is the companion you need.

From the author:

What, in my opinion, makes this book different from all the others is that it’s not just another droning, no-fun lecture on adverbs.  There’s a lot of practical, “here’s what to do”-type writing advice, yes, but set within the overall context of helping you develop your voice as a writer.  Of helping you to, to borrow a phrase, be your best self as a creative force.  Too many writing guides, to me, take the rather joyless approach of telling you that there’s a “right” and a “wrong” way to construct your sentences, etc.  They focus on the rules and, certainly, the rules are important; but past a point, these guides are really just instruction manuals in how to write like someone else.  They’re not all that helpful in getting you past that point: ready for takeoff, as it were.

Whereas that’s what I want to do: get you ready for takeoff.