Ploughshares Literary Journal recently sent out a blog roundup to their members mailing list with links to three great blog articles on various aspects of the writing process.  Each is worth a read:

  1. Writers With Responsibilities: Patience Is a Way of Life.  An article about being patient when it feels like your book is just taking too long.
  2. The Black Hole of Revision.  How to know when it’s time to stop tinkering with a story and call it finished.
  3. Revising With Sherlock.  Tips on revising a manuscript courtesy of the BBC TV show Sherlock.

My favorite quote was this one, from “The Black Hole of Revision,” which sums up my own experience with writing short fiction:

Time is precious. For me, it’s time to stop if I believe I am better off working on a different story, or starting anew. I usually have more than one story that I could be working on. Various pieces are in different stages of development, from being an idea in my head, to being in near-final form. If I have a burning desire to finish one story, then I put all of the others on the back burner until I’m done. If I feel that a story I’m working on is stalled, I set it aside for a while, thinking I’m better off looking at it with fresh eyes after a few weeks, if not months.