ADOF Cover 3The captivating sequel to The Price of DesireA Dictionary of Fools, Book Two in The House of Light and Shadow series by author P.J. Fox, is available now on Amazon!

Here is the second volume in The House of Light and Shadow, the magnificent cycle of novels that begins with The Price of Desire and tells the story of Kisten Mara Sant, the naval commander and prince who must face life in exile.

When he was given governorship of Tarsonis, the war-torn mining outpost on the edge of nowhere, Kisten was given a virtual death sentence. Tensions have been mounting since his arrival, and his new home now rests on the brink of disaster. The Brotherhood, the Tarsoni group opposed to Alliance rule, is fomenting rebellion. A rebellion that plans the death of every Alliance-born man, woman and child on the planet. An insidious infection that reaches from the lowest of the low to the highest echelons of power. Kisten himself risks losing his governorship, his life, and the life of his young wife. A girl-turned-woman, who continues to wrestle with her own demons. He must act, before it’s too late—all while hiding a secret that, if discovered, could tear him and Aria apart.

This is a tale of love, lust, degradation, and the horror that is war.