ETP Guide Cover AMZN-EPUBOur Kickstarter is live.  So what are we raising money for?  A book that will help you, the aspiring writer (or, indeed, previously published writer) transform your dreams of a writing life into an actual, meaningful career.  Our self publishing guide is about more than how to produce a book; it’s about how to earn a living from the proceeds of your work, and on your own terms, while maintaining the integrity of your own goals, dreams, and values.

To which you might be wondering, so?  How does this benefit me?  Why should I care?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked…



  1. Helping us reach our goal will benefit your career.  Are you a writer?  Are you thinking of one day becoming a writer?  Are you either considering self publishing right off the bat, and wondering if it’s a worthwhile idea to pursue–or are you a traditionally published writer, thinking about making the leap?  No matter what your situation, this book can help you.  For the price of a couple of Starbucks runs, you can gift yourself with some meaningful advice that will stick with you throughout your career.
  2. There’s no other book like this on the market.  There are a lot of books, which treat writing as a get rich quick scheme.  Or which promise to teach you about this month’s latest and greatest print on demand platform.  Or which promise to teach you how to code.  But there’s no book, which lays out, step by step and in meaningful, practical terms, how to transform your creative efforts into a career.
  3. You’re helping other writers.  Too often, we fall victim to the scarcity mentality–that there’s only so much success to go around, and one person’s success diminishes our chances of achieving that same success.  When, in reality, the truth is the opposite: we are in charge of our own success.  And the more we give to the world, the more comes back to us.  Success isn’t something we take; it’s something we create.  Helping us helps everyone.
  4. We are offering some amazingly cool rewards.  This is not another smorgasbord of coffee mugs and posters.  Among our–very long list of–rewards are the chance to have a novella written about the fantasy (or nightmare) of your choice, and Evil Toad Press’ author services at a fraction of their fair market cost.  We’re also open to considering reward requests (but no renting Mr. PJ).
  5. Our book is funny.  This is a book that, in addition to being chock full of useful information, is something you’ll actually want to read.  It’s not (yet another) encyclopedia-like list of boring and often outdated references.  It will make you laugh out loud.  Which, face it, is something we could all use a little more of.

Are you convinced?  Do you have any questions?  Please let us know!