“Pinning your dreams of success on one book is a terrible mistake.” Excellent analysis of a flawed article by P.J. Fox.

P.J. Fox Writes

Today, we’re going to unpack an article that appeared on Salon.com over a year ago.  Why?  Because it’s still relevant today.  Even more relevant, arguably, in light of the increasing tensions between self and traditionally published authors and between just about every publishing platform in the universe and every other publishing platform.  The basic thesis of the author is that everyone thinks authors are millionaires, that success as an author means being a millionaire, but that truly successful authors aren’t millionaires and in fact don’t make any money at all.  HIs ultimate point being that choosing to write for a living sentences one to poverty and that “real” writers accept this fact.

So what’s he getting wrong?

His thesis, and his conclusions, are based on a handful of underlying assumptions:

  1. That success equals becoming a millionaire.
  2. That making the same income from writing that you would from, say, working at Wal-Mart equates…

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