“There are few subjects more interesting to all the world than romance. Whether in the long term sense of embarking on a marriage or in the short term sense of a Journey-esque one night stand. Which is part of what’s so ironic about our general refusal to admit interest in the topic. Being “caught reading” a romance novel is tantamount to being caught with your pants down in the middle of a crowded parking lot, for many of us. Why?

I think, for all authors, even if we’re writing fiction, there’s a lot of us in there. Some stories, even so, are more personal than others. I know a lot about not fitting in, and so that’s become a theme in some of my work–which wasn’t even a conscious choice on my part, that’s just where the story went. Past a point, if you’re doing it right, your characters cease being your characters and take on a life of their own. As someone who got married at a young age, I suppose it’s only natural that romance, and relationships, are essential elements to all of my stories.”

P.J. Fox Writes

Where did Tristan come from?  What was my inspiration for him?  Are there any real guys like that out there, and where do I meet them?  These questions have come up, in conversations with readers, along with others.  So, for those who are interested, I thought I’d share.  Tristan is, to a large extent, based on my husband.  Now, my husband doesn’t murder people, or dabble in the dark arts, and he is (last I checked) fully human, but he is dark and mysterious.  At least to me!  And Tristan’s commitment to his own agenda, and to his own ethical code, whether or not it’s anyone else’s, his unwillingness to let others push him around and his dry, often cutting wit…that’s all my husband.  He’s always been his own person, regardless of what anyone else was doing.  And that’s why I married him.

There are few subjects more interesting to…

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