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I, Demon is a book of horror and suspense novellas by bestselling science fiction/fantasy author P.J. Fox:

In this brilliant collection of five separate novellas, P.J. Fox takes you into the heart of a Hell that only she could imagine…

Each of the five stories in I, Demon each examines a different kind of demon and, with it, a different form of evil. A Thousand and One Nights tells the tale of a girl forgotten, and of the evil that lurks all around us. That, sometimes, appears right under our noses. But that we, in our rush to cross one more thing off that never ending to do list, ignore. Or never perceive at all. Vampire Winter is about more than possession; it’s the story of how a man turns into a monster. The Prisoner reminds us that depravity needs no supernatural element. Paranoia tells the story of a boy who cried wolf just one too many times…so that when a real wolf came knocking on his door in the dead of night, no one believed him. And finally, The Assassin illustrates that sometimes the worst evil is the most mundane. A “good” man is often more evil than a stone cold killer ever could be. When, at least, we have the courage to see the world as it is—rather than as we’d choose to imagine.

Enter, if you dare….