Haters got you down? Don’t give up.

P.J. Fox Writes

In today’s program: encouragement for the self published and struggling.

Or traditionally published.  Because let’s face it: as much as some folks don’t want to admit this, published is published.  How your book gets to Amazon isn’t really important.  And whose name is on the spine can’t guarantee much.  I’m a lot more successful than some traditionally published authors and whole lot less successful than some of my self published contemporaries.  But that’s neither here nor there.  Like I said, we’re all published and, since we’re all published, we’re all facing the same hurdles.  The biggest of which is haters.

The biggest?  Yes.  Read on.

People invariably respond with, “wow, you must really like Twilight” to my defense of Stephenie Meyer.  No.  Not particularly.  What I respect is another author putting herself out there.  What I don’t respect, however, is people who can’t write–or, worse, frustrated would-be writers who’ve given…

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