These are some excellent ways to support your favorite author–all without spending a penny.

P.J. Fox Writes

This advice is for fans AND authors looking to up their marketing game.

When it comes to supporting the cause, most of us think of one thing: cracking open the wallet.  Authors plead “buy my book” on Twitter and fans, probably not unsurprisingly, think the only thing they can do therefore is part with more cash.  Which…if you’ve already bought the book?  Or what if your favorite author is working on a couple of different series, and you have no interest in one of them?  Are you supposed to go out and buy those books, too, anyway?  Out of–what?  Solidarity?


The good news is that the most useful stuff you can do to support your favorite author is free.  And it all boils down to one (prime) directive.  Hah!  See what I did there?  No, but really.  You need to have an agenda.  The haters do.  And just…

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