P.J. Fox Writes

Yes.  Self Publishing Is For Losers is for you (and it’s free today).  Because what it isn’t is yet another “how to” guide to the mechanics of publishing.  It won’t teach you how to use Scrivener and it won’t teach you how to design a cover.  What it will do is teach you how to build a meaningful and lasting career as an author.

As I point out in the “from the author” section, “I Look Like This Because I’m A Writer, this guide’s companion volume, teaches you how to craft a story that will captivate your readers.  From generating ideas to finding your authentic voice to crafting genuine-sounding dialogue, it takes you from blank page to finished manuscript.  Self Publishing Is For Losers is what takes you from finished manuscript to royalty payments that can actually cover your electric bill.

As most successful writers will tell you…

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