Chapter One of The Black Prince, the concluding novel in The Black Prince trilogy by P.J. Fox!

P.J. Fox Writes

For those of you on the mailing list, expect the first five (or perhaps more…) chapters within the next couple of weeks.  For everyone, here’s the first chapter of The Black Prince.  Let me know what you think–about this and anything else related to the trilogy, or to Isla’s and Tristan’s world–in the comments!  As always, I love hearing from you.


“I promise!” The man’s words were half plea, half shriek. His voice was raw, his face tear-stained and swollen. He’d been locked up now in the dungeons for two nights, given plenty of time to contemplate his crimes. Crimes for which this fate was more than richly deserved.

Still, if Isla were here, she’d argue that no crimes deserved such punishment.

Isla was wrong.

Hart stared down at the man, his expression impassive. He’d wondered, in the abstract sense, if this would be difficult. If he’d, indeed…

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