Now’s not a good time to use Facebook’s “Promote” advertising function for your Facebook page, especially if you’re targeting your product to countries like India, Egypt, China, and others. Fake likes are a real thing, and pages who would never consider paying for likes still fall victim to them, because professional likers “like” other pages as camouflage. Organic results are still the way to go!

P.J. Fox Writes

And if you need another reason not to promote your page on Facebook….

Who, exactly, is “liking” your page when you do?  And how come these likes aren’t translating into increased traffic, or sales?  Not everyone who “likes” a link to an article, or even comments on it, is going to click the link; but what about when nobody does?  And how come, if the same ten or fifteen–or even seventy or eighty–people “like” every post about your novel, its sales rank is still hovering somewhere around the one million mark?

Professional likes.  Yes, folks, this is a thing.  As the article explains, “A company can accumulate thousands of new fans only to see engagement on their page drop because the new fans are fake, abusive accounts run from click farms in Egypt or India.”  Pages are, in short, “overwhelmed with useless followers.”  Your metrics get distorted–and so do…

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