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Assassin CoverSet in the world of P.J. Fox’s popular series The House of Light and ShadowThe Assassin tells the story of Ceres Mara Sant, a well-bred hitman tracking a traitor through the worst slum in the galaxy only to find the last thing he’s expecting: a young woman who won’t get out of his way.

Scion of the Empire’s oldest house. Spy. Assassin. 

A man who, some claim, has no soul. 

Ceres Mara Sant is no one’s idea of a hero. Which suits him just fine. He’s not trying to be anyone’s hero; only get in, do the job, and get out. The job being a rogue assassin, a former best friend, whom he’s been hunting across the galaxy. But when he finds himself in one of the worst slums he’s ever encountered, on a backwater planet the entire population of which he loathes, he’s distracted for the first time: by a grubby and pinch-faced street urchin, bold—and foolish—enough to thwart him. 

This is the tale of what happens next.

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