TBP2 CoverThe second part of the stirring conclusion to The Black Prince TrilogyThe Black Prince: Part II, is available now in paperback and Kindle ebook on Amazon.com!

The momentous, tour-de-force finale of the beloved series.

Weaving together war, intrigue, and romance, The Black Prince pulls the intertwined stories of Isla, Tristan, and their families forward toward a single, epic conclusion. The shadow of the robber queen, Maeve, reaches long over Morven. Even into Caer Addanc itself, a formerly unbreachable citadel now corrupt with treason. No one is safe; not Isla, not her husband, and especially not Asher. A young boy whose true identity might lie at the heart of everything. While Isla, in turn, questions her own heart: can she truly be with Tristan? Is the cold touch of her corpse lover enough to compensate her for the loss of everything she holds dear? And while Hart, her beloved brother and confidante, discovers that the path on which he’s set himself is darker than he’d imagined. And the price of his ambitions might be higher than he can bear.

The darkness is coming, a raging tempest within Caer Addanc and without, which none might survive.