Evil Toad Press is a boutique publishing house representing feminist, queer-positive and other non-traditional voices.  We are pleased, at this time, to represent a small but growing group of excellent authors.  All of whom, for various reasons, knew that the mainstream was not for them and who looked to be served, not as numbers on a page but as important contributors to the increasingly dynamic field of modern literature.  All of whom wanted, in short, to be voices for change.

Our goal, as a publishing house, is to bring the world books that it might not otherwise experience.  Increasingly, the Big Five follows rather than leads the market.  The focus is on what sells: on clear genre categorization and well-defined audiences pre-primed to buy one book by having bought a hundred others just like it.  Genre-defying, or otherwise original books often have a hard time finding a home, simply because they’re too original.  Whereas we at Evil Toad Press see ourselves not as gatekeepers but gate openers: to the world, through e-book and print contracts with all major markets.  From the search results on Amazon to the shelves at Barnes & Noble, our books are seen.  And purchased, and read, and in many cases beloved the world over.

Read our books, learn about our authors, and help us change publishing!