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Or as I like to call it, tasteful erotica.  The Prince’s Slave, the complete series, will be free from Friday, April 24, through Tuesday, April 28.  All three volumes!  So that should give you some fun weekend reading.  The Prince’s Slave is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast, a dark and graphic look into a dark and graphic world and my answer, at least, to the question of: how would this story be told, if it happened in modern times?

Who is today’s Beast?  What makes any of us a Beast?  And how do–not how should, but how do–any of us react to those desires in our heart, which come upon us suddenly and which we don’t understand?  Which we’re told we shouldn’t have?  Which we judge ourselves for having?

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Aidan Moher on Why (and How) He Self-Published His First Book

James Cormier

tide-of-shadows-cover-aidan-moherAs you might have noticed, I’m a huge (lifelong) fan of science fiction and fantasy.  I’ve been reading A Dribble of Ink for years now: it’s one of a very small handful of SFF book review sites that I turn to when I want to know what to read next.  Its news keeps me up to date on what’s going on in SFF fandom and the publishing world.  Its commentary, published in the form of essays from Aidan and a number of respected, well-known voices from the SFF field, is unparalleled (A Dribble of Ink won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 2014).  And all of this is curated and presented with skill and style by Aidan Moher, A Dribble of Ink’s owner and editor.

Having published my own first novel through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program, I have intimate knowledge of the decision-making process that comes along with self-publishing.  So…

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The SPFBO Charges Onward

James Cormier

Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off is well underway, and several of the participating book bloggers have posted progress updates and reviews. Mark keeps a page on his own blog updated with all of the latest additions, so check that out and follow the hashtag #SPFBO on Twitter if you want to stay up to date.

Most recently, Sarah from Bookworm Blues has posted reviews for the first five of her assigned (27 or so) books. There are two awesome things about this.

First, Sarah is doing what she calls a mini-review (which really isn’t that mini) for every book she reads, which is going above and beyond the call of the Blog-Off: participating reviewers are only asked to select their favorite of the 25 or so books sent to them.  How they do that is up to them, and they aren’t required to finish every book, let alone review…

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Book Review – Exile (The Book of Ever #1) by James Cormier

A great review for James Cormier’s Exile by Cherry Blossoms & Maple Syrup:

Cherry Blossoms & Maple Syrup

22961594Title: Exile (The Book of Ever #1)

Author: James Cormier

Rating: ★★★★★

Synopsis: Centuries after the Fall, the United States has been wiped away. The crumbling remains of the great American empire are home now only to savage, lawless tribes and packs of ravening Damned-the twisted children of the apocalypse. Most of those few who survived humanity’s destruction spend their short lives in a violent struggle for survival. But some light still flickers in the darkness: the Blessed of Bountiful live in seclusion, relying on walls both physical and spiritual to protect them from the Desolation that their world has become. Among them are the Saints, those few men and women born with superhuman abilities that the Blessed see as gifts from God. The violent apostate tribes of the Northeast Kingdom have always been a danger, but up until recently its small size and the vigilance of its people have made Bountiful…

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The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids

A great review from Elitist Book Reviews for Mark Lawrence’s #SPFBO:

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Membership Now Available to Self-Published Authors

SFWAcolorScience Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, known as “SFWA,” is a professional organization for authors writing professionally in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  Up until recently full or “Active” membership in SFWA required fiction sales (three stories or one novel) to a list of qualifying professional markets–all of which were traditional publishers and magazines.

SFWA has changed its eligibility requirements to reflect the current state of publishing, however, and now allows for qualifying self-published authors to join their ranks.  The eligibility requirements are relatively simple, and are reproduced below:

Active members can and are encouraged to attend business meetings, vote in elections, receive access to private discussion forums, gain entry into SFWA exclusive events and suites at conventions, receive publications such as; the Member Directory, a SFWA Bulletin subscription, the SFWA membership handbook, the SFWA Forum, and may recommend, nominate, and vote on works for the Nebula Awards. Active member dues are $90.00 USD annually.

Detailed documentation of payment will be required. A candidate shall be eligible for Active Membership after acceptance and signed contracts or letters of agreement for:

    1. Three or more paid sales of different works of fiction (such as three separate short stories) totaling a minimum of 10,000 words to eligible markets, was self-published or sold to a small press for each of which the candidate can prove the sale at the minimum rate of 6c/word or higher (5c/word 1/1/2004 – 6/30/2014) (3c/word before 1/1/2004); or
    2.  One Paid Sale of a work of fiction (such as a novel) of a minimum of 40,000 words to a qualifying professional market, for which the candidate has been paid at least $3,000 as a non-returnable advance before or at the time of publication ($2000.00 if sale made on or before 12/31/2014); or
    3. A published work of fiction of a minimum of 40,000 words either sold to a small press or self-published for which the author can demonstrate net income of at least $3,000 over the course of a year since January 1, 2013. Income can be in the form of advance, royalties, or some combination thereof.
    4. Qualifying works must be in the English language in science fiction, fantasy, horror and related genres. “Paid Sale” and “Qualifying Professional Market” are as defined below.

TL;DR: If you have three self-published short stories totaling a minimum of 10,000 words for which you received the equivalent of 6¢ per word, or a novel or other long work of fiction of 40,000 words or more for which you can prove $3,000 of net income in one year, you can now join SFWA as a full, Active member.

This is exciting news, as it’s yet another example of the publishing world taking self-published authors more seriously.  Don’t pass up this opportunity, as it could open some doors for you.  SFWA dues are $90 annually.

Fun With Word Counts

101 Books

This blog post is 133 words.

The average article I write for my day job is around 600 words.

The estimated word count on the book I’m pitching to agents is 50,000 words.

All that to say some of the word counts in the following infographic from Electric Literature blow my mind.

Some examples:

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Mark Lawrence is Sponsoring a Self-Published Fantasy Reviewing Contest

James Cormier

mark-lawrence-authorMark Lawrence, renowned author of the excellent The Broken Empire series, starting with Prince of Thorns, has rounded up ten of the most popular fantasy book bloggers on the web and convinced them to participate in a review contest featuring exclusively self-published fantasy fiction.  You can read the details of the contest here, but it’s very simple: you submit your finished book, the bloggers get the chance to decide if they want to read it, and then they sponsor or “publish” it to the next round.  It’s essentially a bracket system, resulting in a final ten novels that will be reviewed by all ten bloggers.  This is an incredible opportunity if you’re a self-published fantasy author: a bestselling, traditionally published author is giving you the opportunity to get your work in front of a group of respected book reviewers.  As Mr. Lawrence said himself, “you can’t buy better publicity…

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P.J. Fox Interviewed on WET podcast by Erik Marshall

WETOrangefriday2P.J. Fox, bestselling indie author and managing editor here at Evil Toad Press, was interviewed on Erik Marshall’s WET podcast.  The interview covers Ms. Fox’s novels, her non-fiction work, and her advice on writing and self-publishing.

Click here to listen to the podcast on the web, or go onto iTunes and subscribe to WET!

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